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Essence Interiors is the general contractor specializing in functional interior design for beauty centers. An all-around service complete with architect, interior designer and marketing experts is offered.

Designing a beauty center is important to create a welcoming environment for the customer and requires the right combination of attention to functionality, design and the perception of a clean, sanitized and relaxing environment.
Essence Interiors pays attention to all aspects of a beauty center and for each room creates a dedicated and carefully designed environment.

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Bring your beauty center’s design to life

Essence Interiors pays attention to details so that the interior design is functional and relaxing for each specific environment of the beauty center. The rooms must convey emotions such as charm, relaxation, and well-being to ensure that the client, after a quality treatment, returns.

The perception of order, cleanliness, hygiene and organization is the priority when developing proposals to be provided to the client. Essence Interiorrs develops and manufactures custom-made furniture elements to meet all customer needs and to make the most of the space of the business premises.

The continuous growth of the beauty industry means that the beauty center itself can provide more and more services such as solarium, massage, make-up, nail art, tattooing, waxing, hand and pedicure and many other services. This means, that each service needs its own specific environment. Should the square footage of the premises allow it, it is necessary to develop a usable and comfortable environment that can accommodate all the services of the beauty salon, and only a careful analysis and design of the interior spaces can allow the work to be carried out in the best possible way, as well as to comply with the ASL regulations and directives.

Practicality and efficiency are the leitmotifs that drive us to create unique environments, as well as careful analysis of colors and lighting points.

Quality lighting for beauty salons

When designing a beauty salon, lighting affects not only the mood of the clients, but also the aesthetic appearance of the beauty salon. Therefore, lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when furnishing a beauty center.

Furniture for beauty salons

Furnishing a beauty salon is a very important aspect, both for you and for your clientele. In addition to design, which is crucial for differentiating you from your direct competitors, custom-designed furniture allows you to make the most of the space in the business premises, especially in the day-to-day. It is also important that staff move comfortably within the beauty center and not get in the way of colleagues and clients.
Essence Interiors pays close attention to the interior design of beauty salon spaces, providing the client with a 3D preview of the interior design and custom furnishings, so as to meet the client’s wishes while offering excellent interior space utilization design solutions.

Together with our staff and clients’ precise requests, we design the interior design and advise on the choice of furniture, including custom-made if the situation or our clients require it. With Essence Interiors you have expertise, professionalism and a large staff at your service, ready to advise you and meet your needs.



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The advantages of custom-made furniture for your beauty center

For a professional offering that takes into account all the salient points of having a functional, trendy and designer beauty center, furniture is crucial. The advantages are many, including:

 –Unmistakable style: the main advantage of a custom-made furniture is definitely the adaptability to the style of the beauty center, as well as to differentiate you sharply and substantially from your competitors.
Functional: a custom-made furniture is functional to the spaces created by the design / renovation and allows you to make the most of the rooms created in the previous stages.
Quality: the quality of the furnishings and materials used, precisely because they are created according to need, are net and better than cheap and cheesy furnishings. They are to be considered long-term investments and as such should be treated with proper knowledge and given due importance.
Customization: the customization of custom furniture is a strength that should not be underestimated, both in terms of materials, shape and color; as they move perfectly with the rooms and the environment of the beauty salon using the space in the best way, as well as having a better functionality, designed on a case-by-case basis.

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    Why rely on Essence Interiors for beauty center design?

    Essence Interiors has on staff architects and designers who can design a beauty center that is functional and beautiful to look at. Our specialization is to create cozy beauty centers with a strong perception of a hygienic, clean and relaxing environment. Each room of the beauty center will be thought of and designed following these directions, and the differences between the rooms and halls of the beauty center will be studied in detail, as each section has its own needs and peculiarities.

    What are the important aspects to consider when designing a beauty center?

    Essence Interiors pays attention to detail. The goal is to create both functional and relaxing environments for each specific room in the beauty center. The rooms must convey emotions such as charm, relaxation and well-being to ensure that the client will return after a quality treatment. Lighting in the rooms also plays a key role in clients’ minds and the perception of their emotions during the treatment.

    With Essence Interiors is it possible to have a 3D preview of the work?

    Yes, it is possible to have a 3D preview. In fact, Essence Interiors provides all of its customers with the ability to preview the design proposal and in addition, it is possible to modify every single aspect of it to meet the customer’s specific needs. Essence Interiors also creates custom furniture and furnishings that can always be viewed via 3D preview.

    How can I request a quote?

    To request a quote, you must fill out the contact form indicating your budget and what type of Bed & Breakfast you want to create. In the message include any questions or needs you have about your B&B, so we can better understand your needs and create ad hoc quotes and plans.

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