Store and commercial space design


Essence interiors is the studio that supports you in designing functioning and attractive stores and commercial spaces. From the choice of furnishings to the interior layout of elements to the development of visual merchandise techniques.

The design of a store and retail space is critical to stimulate visitors and direct them to purchase. A well-designed store will not only remain in the minds of visitors, but is able to communicate brand values through colors and interior elements: lighting points, furniture complements, structural elements, and finishes.

Progettazione di interni e ristrutturazione negozio - triumph essence interior

Store and commercial interior design

In the competitive world of retail, the success of a store or commercial project depends on its ability to attract and engage customers from the very first glance. At Essence Interiors, we understand that store interior design is not just about aesthetics, but a powerful marketing tool that can influence your customers’ perceptions and purchasing decisions. That’s why our process begins with an in-depth meeting, where we listen carefully to your needs, business goals and characteristics of your target audience.

Being your interior contractor means becoming a reliable partner who follows every step with dedication and expertise. We are committed to creating an environment that perfectly reflects your brand identity and meets your customers’ expectations. From the design of essential fixtures to the choice of lighting fixtures and color palettes, every decision is thoughtfully considered to maximize visual impact and the shopping experience.

Bring your store project to life

Essence Interiors ‘ staff is composed of a team of professionals: architecture, interior design, visual merchandise and experts in the retail and communication worlds. You will be able to follow the progress of your project thanks to a close relationship with our company, which as general contractor will coordinate all the figures involved.

The design of stores has as its objective first and foremost the functionality and management of interior spaces, consistent with market expectations and the client’s wishes, within the budgets made available. Special attention is paid to the atmosphere of the store, with the aim of engaging, including sensory, customers, prompting them to purchase and return to the commercial premises to improve performance in all respects.
Understanding the store’s target audience is also essential in defining the store’s characteristics. With Essence Interiors, nothing is left to chance.

Even before the retail space begins to take shape you will have the opportunity to view some design proposals put forward by our staff through 3D renderings (3D preview) and to choose materials for the finishes. The sectors in which we have developed the most experience and expertise are: retail, food & beverage and hotellerie.

Custom store furniture design

Upon request, we also design unique furniture elements produced by our artisans: sofas, tables, chairs, counters, lighting fixtures, furniture accessories and much more. Thanks to unique pieces signed Essence Interiors, the design of your store will be enriched with unmistakable design elements that will make your display space unique and impressive.

The choice of custom-made furniture has multiple positive implications, first of all the uniqueness of the room and the perfect harmony with the project in toto, concretely increasing the functionality of the space, so that both staff and customers can move freely without creating internal discomfort.



We have been working for over 50 years



Vision and experience



A very long experience

We have been working for over 50 years

Starting from the brand concept and communication, we bring to life a display space that reflects the company’s values. Our portfolio in store design speaks for itself.

Brands such as Celio, Triumph, and Wycon have chosen us to transform their concepts into tangible realities, spaces that not only reflect the brand’s values, but amplify them in the retail context. Each project is a testament to our ability to interpret and materialize the client’s vision into environments that attract, engage, and convince the public. This success is not only a result of our technical prowess, but of our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

progettazione negozio interni - celio essence interiors

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    Why rely on Essence Interiors to design a store?

    Designing a functional store, where the user experience is put at the center of everything, is a complex mechanism. During the design phase, many aspects are often underestimated that only a team of different professional figures can fully understand. This is precisely why it is good to rely on a general contractor such as Essence Interiors with the experience of more than 700 projects including stores, restaurants, hotels, wellness centers and shopping malls.

    What aspects are followed in the design of a shopping center or store?

    In the design of a shopping center or individual store Essence Interiors follows all structural elements as well as interior elements. Every aspect is executed to the smallest detail, even creating unique interiors if necessary with the help of the best Italian craftsmen. The entire design aims to create a smooth and functional system, both for those who work there and for acquiring target customers.

    Will it be possible to view the store design in 3D?

    Absolutely! Essence Interiors uses the latest 3D rendering technologies, allowing you to see the design of the retail space even before construction begins. This way you will be able to get a comprehensive view of the space, merchandise departments, window spaces, and everything else that typically concerns a commercial space.

    How can I request a quote?

    To request a quote, you must fill out the contact form indicating your budget and what type of property you want to design.

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