Interior design of modern and luxury villas


Essence Interiors is the general contractor to design modern and luxury villas. Fine living experiences built from the ground up tailored to your living needs.

The design of a luxury villa is a complex mechanism involving professionals in different branches: highly skilled designers, draftsmen, surveyors, engineers and architects. Essence Interiors is the general design contractor that coordinates and follows the professionals through all stages of the execution process. The end result is the realization of a tailor-made project that meets the highest expectations of the client. Modern interiors, fine finishes, innovative and functional designs characterize the interior design of villas signed by the hands of Essence Interiors craftsmen.

Designing the interior of the Villa

Essence Interiors pays special attention to the use of elements inside the villa design that become both decorative and functional. The interior architecture thus becomes one with the villa and functional to life in the living space; the garden a multifunctional space where recreational activities can be carried out; the technological elements supports daily activities.
Essence Interiors also deals with the design of the structural elements of the villa, the choice and implementation of fixtures to the congenial insulated materials to achieve the best energy classes.

Custom furniture for luxury and modern villas

We also custom design interior elements that further embellish the villa’s design: libraries made of fine solid walnut wood, high-tech kitchens with fine furniture, wooden staircases and custom built-in closets made of wood crafted by Italian artisans.

The interior elements are not only unique pieces of inestimable value, but part of the very design of the villa, which will acquire superb aesthetic value thanks to our work.

There are so many combinations for interior decoration. In fact, it is often difficult to be able to find furniture that perfectly reflects what you are looking for or fits the rooms of your home. Big brands or factories mass-produce furniture of more or less good quality, but intervening on it to make changes is impossible or requires really high costs for the type of intervention.

Trends in modern architecture increasingly favor spaces with non-standard shapes and capacities. The advantages of custom furniture allow for:

– Customization of all rooms in the home
– More space available
– High quality of furniture
– Optimized, harmonious and orderly spaces

These are actually just some of the advantages you can get by choosing custom furniture for your home environments. If you are looking for a specialized partner who can make custom furniture for your luxury home or rooms, then fill out the contact form. With years of experience in the furniture industry, we will be able to meet your every need.



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Luxury and modern villa designs created by Essence Interiors

The design of modern villas goes through the choice of trendy designs from minimal to industrial through hi-tech. The luxury interiors we have designed all over the world distinguish us by the beauty of the made in Italy finishes and the nobility of the materials used. Our mastery of the art of wood and cabinet making allows us to give an extra touch of elegance through custom-made interiors.

Essence Interiors provides a dedicated in-house consulting service and offers the best Italian standards in terms of excellent quality and traditional design. High-end materials for furniture production and interior designs will make a substantial difference. Experience the exclusive luxury lifestyle with the best handmade interiors and design proposals, following the unique Italian style and its traditional quality assurance. Here are some projects of luxury villas built around the world.

The search for innovation has always distinguished the philosophy of Essence Interiors: a method, a way of thinking about interior design that today also comes to life thanks to 3D rendering technology that allows you to see the details of each room even before the work is done. Would you like more information about Essence Interiors ‘ philosophy and our working method?

Contact us for additional information or a detailed quote.

Our method for designing modern and luxury villas

Designing modern and luxury villas requires a unique approach that combines cutting-edge design, functionality, and attention to detail.

 At Essence Interiors, we have developed a specific method to ensure that each modern villa design is a work of art, perfectly tailored to the needs and lifestyle of our discerning clients. Our modern villa design process begins with an in-depth meeting, during which we listen carefully to your ideas, preferences and visions to shape an environment that reflects your personality and sophisticated taste. From space analysis to the selection of fine materials and high-end finishes, every detail is taken care of with the utmost care to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.

Once the villa design is defined, our team of experts takes charge of each construction phase, ensuring that every detail matches the agreed-upon vision. Construction management by Essence Interiors is synonymous with reliability and precision, which are key features when it comes to the construction of modern, luxury villas.

The final step in our method of designing modern and luxury villas includes interior design, where customization meets innovation. Our designers select furnishings and decorations that reflect the latest trends in modern design, integrating technologically advanced solutions that enhance the quality of daily life.

These principles guide each of our projects, ensuring that every modern, luxury villa designed by Essence Interiors is unique, comfortable and incredibly sophisticated.

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    Why rely on Essence Interiors to design a luxury villa?

    Essence Interiors is a general contractor that has completed over 700 luxury projects including villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants and more. Designing a luxury villa is a complex mechanism involving many different professionals.

    What aspects are followed in the design of a luxury villa or apartment?

    When designing a luxury villa or apartment, Essence pays special attention to the interior elements but also to the structural elements. Both elements are always followed to the smallest detail in both decorative and functional aspects.

    Does Essence do Interior Luxury Design?

    Absolutely. Fine materials that are well suited for luxury design such as marble, crystal and more are used in all our interior designs. In addition, we can make custom-made furniture by Italian craftsmen and modern high-tech facilities.

    How can I request a quote?

    To request a quote, you must fill out the contact form indicating your budget and what type of property you want to design.

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