Italian experience and excellence

Our history began in 1960 from a craft workshop specializing in wood working, where master carpenters brought unique object to life by paying attention to detail and customer needs.

Years later, the craftmanship soul has remained intact, evolving and specializing in interior design and construction for public, private and commercial buildings.

for over 60 years
Ho.Re.Ca projects
residential projects

Today we stand as an interior contractor and main partner for entrepreneurs and individuals who seek reliability, professionalism and a tailor made service that listens and accommodates their needs, making their business desires a reality.

To meet this challange, we have structured ourselves to carry out compressed projects by coordinating teams of professional designers, architects and craftsmen capable of managing the entire project life cycle; from concept to implementation.

Essence Interiors is Design and Matter.

Ours is a story made of passion, tradition and research; elements that have always guided us towards continuous innovations in the technical and technological field with the aim of achieving increasingly safe and efficient design and production processes, to guarantee those who choose us safety and quality.