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Essence Interiors is your ideal partner for functional and designer bed and breakfast design.

Bed and Breakfast interior design
is critical to the success of the business. Essence Interiors goal is to create a unique and welcoming environment for customers to feel comfortable, just like at home, enjoying the comforts and services you offer.
An interior design
uniquely designed for B&B, giving warmth and surprising guests, plays a key role when customers have to choose one bed and breakfast over another. 

progettazione arredamento e ristrutturazione B&B

Bring the design of your Bed and Breakfast to life

Essence Interiors adds value to the B&B by creating customized, comfortable and functional rooms and furniture for guests. Thanks to a highly specialized team of architects, interior designers and marketing experts, you can have effective 360 degree solution.

Starting with a feasibility analysis, Essence Interiors provides a comprehensive service. Various design proposals will be developed with a careful and critical eye to give you the right atmosfere, the right colo scheme, and the right balance of lightning points for a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Upon request, Essence Interiors make custom finiture elements for all needs, produced directly by our craftsmen. Essence Interiors philosophy is funtionality and design. Proposals are made in 3D so you have an overview of the design, with the possibility of modifying or creating unique items.

Generally speaking, the realization of a project for a B&B includes the following activities:

– Location study (location, context and proximity services)
– Project idea (concept and type of accommodation activity)
– Positioning on the market (analysis of competition, range and target audience)
– Graphic layouts with verifications of the furnishability of the rooms
– 3D graphic of the project

Bed and Breakfast furniture: a complete design

Essence Interiors is able to propose a furniture design for a B&B after an inspection by our architects, which follows the most diverse needs of customers in terms of customization of furniture.

Furnishing proposal for B&B are designed to furnish with style and design even the smallest accommodation facilities, where comfort, practicality and versality direct the choices for interior design.

After choosing the furnishing style for the B&B, it is recommended to choose custom made furniture so as to make the best use and optimization of spaces and room. This is a viable option especially when we have modest spaces, such as a small bedroom might be. For this problem, building a custom built in closet could be a valid option.

Essence Interiors offers a fully customized service. From designing the space and furnishings to complete assembly and fitting. You will be able to create a stylish design for your business with original solutions and customized budget. Your guest will feel at home, experiencing attention and comfort in environments that reflext your philosophy.



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The regulations to comply with to open a Bed and Breakfast

Opening an accommodation involves several activities and various fulfillments that must be taken into account. Only by having a clear and complete overview of the regulations to open a Bed and Breakfast is it possible to concretely assess whether the idea is feasible and actually sustainable.

Essence Interiors follows the whole planning phase but also gives concrete support regarding the authorizations necessary to open a B&B such as CILA (building practices to authorize renovation works if necessary), SCIA (start of activity) and the documents to be delivered SUAR.
We must then pay attention to the following regulations for B&B:

– The apartment intended to become a B&B must comply with the building regulations of the relevant municipality. In particular, it will have to comply with both the safety on the subject of dwelling for private use and comply with local sanity regulations.
– the size of the rooms and the total number are parameters that are defined from time to time by individual Regions
– The same Regions often impose limits in B&B furnishings as well. The requirements are: a bed for each guest, a table, a chair, a bedside table with abatjour, a closet and a wastebasket.
– Another factor to be checked is compatibility with te regulations of the relevant condominium. Permission to open the accommodation must be sought from the condominium asembly itself.



B&B design: five-star warranty, support and logistics


Essence Interiors stands out for the quality and durability of its designs, offering a 5-years warranty on all furniture and solutions provided for B&B design. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that every piece of forniture in your bed and breakfast is covered by a warranty that protacts you from any mishaps. Bed and breakfast design from Essence Interiors not only promises beauty and fuctionality, but also long term securety, making your investment even more valuable.

In addition to the warranty, Essence Interiors offers comprehensive after sales support, which is critical to maintaining excellence over time. This service includes routine interventions and annual check-up packages to ensure that every bed and breakfast furniture remains in perfect condiction.

You can count on a team that quickly resolves any issues, keeping rooms welcoming and functional at all timese. B&B interior design requires ongoing attention, and Essence Interiors is ready to offer an alla round service, ensuring that every detail is always in place and creating an unforgettable esperience for your guests.

Behind the scenes, Essence Interiors planning and logistics work flawlessly. With integrated management of the entire process, from production to transportation of materials, we strictly adhere to schedule and cost estimates. This coordinated approach avoids delays and cost overruns, allowing you to have a single point of contract responsible for the entire B&B project.

Take your B&B to new levels of excellence with Essence Interiors. Contact us today for a free consulation and shape your bed and vreakfast project you’ve always wanted.

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    Why rely on Essence Interiors for the design of a Bed and Breakfast?

    The design of a Bed and Breakfast must be taken care of down to the smallest detail, which is why it is an activity that should not be understimated. The design as well as the furniture should have as one purpose to make those staying there feel at home, that is, to convey a homey, intimate and cosy feeling. That is why Essence Interiors designs and develops Bed and Breakfasts with the help of a team of professionals in architecture, design and custom furniture creation.

    What are the important aspects to consider when designing a Bed and Breakfast?

    The most important aspect of designing a Bed and Breakfast is undoubtedly having comfortable and functional rooms so that your guests can stay in comfort. Appearance and design, as well as functionality and comfort is another important aspect to consider in order to convey feeling, warmth and a homey sensation, while still giving the feeling of having the same amenities as a hotel.

    With Essence Interiors is it possible to preview jobs in 3D?

    Yes, with Essence Interiors it is possible to preview 3D, via Rendering of design proposals for B&Bs designed according to the needs expressed by the client. Through 3D Rendering, in fact, it is possible to discuss and plan changes or other interventions from the initial proposal, so as to fully satisfy the owner’s idea. In addition, it i s also possible to have 3D previews of the furniture and furnishings that Essence Interiors is able to custom create.

    How can I request a quote?

    To request a quote, you must fill out the contact form indicating your budget and what type of Bed&Breakfast you want to create. In the message please include any questions or needs you have about your B&B, so we can better understand your needs and create ad hoc quotes and plans.

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