Designing customized wellness centers and Spas


The design of wellness centers and spas with Essence Interiors reaches new frontiers of design through elegant and modern interiors.

The design of wellness centers and spas is a complex mechanism involving professionals in different branches: highly specialized designers, draftsmen, surveyors, engineers and architects. Essence Interiors is the general design contractor that coordinates and follows the professionals through all stages of the execution process. The end results is the realization of a tailor made project that meets the highest expectations of the client.


Custom wellness center/spa design and furnishings with Essence Interiors

Thanks to the work done over the years, Essence Interiors has gathered positive international experiences in designing wellness centers and spas. The strenght of Essence Interiors work is the quality of supplies and attention to detail in the details.

Thanks to experience in the art of working with ebony and fine wood, Essence can provide luxury furniture solutions and fine wood finishes for both individuals and high-end spas and wellness centers. We create customized spas, from furniture to concept. Contact us for additional information or a detailed quote.

Our experience in custom spa design allows us to shape unique environments, with attention to the smallest detail. From spa furnishing to complete layouts, we develop custom desigs around your needs, combining aesthetics and functionality.

The result? Fine spa furnishing that express sophistication, creating an atmosphere of total well being. We will not only take care of the design, but develop a unique concept for you that makes your spa an unforgettable sensory experience.

Wellness center/spa interior design

The design of a wellness center, due to the nature of the project, needs special attention with regard to the organization of the interior spaces and water paths, where a comfortable environment for the user must be ensured, which maintains consistency between spaces and does not dwell only on the scenographic effect of shapes and lights.

The organization of the space of a wellness center or spa, is a fundamental area within which one must not disregard:

Entrance: with a welcome that must envelop and relax the client
Water paths: central point of the spa and wellness center, where most of the time is spent relaxing
Changing room: a part where calm and intimacy take center stage

Within the design of a wellness center there are many different functions that can be included and treated, due to availability and objectives. We can categorize such functions into:

Wellness: sauna, steam room, massage room, etc…
Fitness: gymnasium
Accessory services: locker room, WC
Customer services: bar, restaurant, reception, etc…

The design of the interior of the wellness center and SPA starts with the preliminary feasibility study that establishes which interior elements can be realized. Thanks to the data collected, it will be possible to estimate the size of the budget needed to carry out the work. The end result is the design of a wellness center or private SPA that faithfully respects the initial design ideas and meets the client’s expectations.

What to find in a spa?

Usually in a spa, the path guests can take to relax is important. Everyone is different and interacts with water and heat stimuli differently. This means that not everyone appreciates the sauna in the same way as the steam room, for example. Here a series of spaces designed and dedicated precisely to intercept most of the needs of users who constantly attend health clubs and spa.

– Jacuzzi
– Finnish Sauna
– Turkish Bath
– Emotional Shower
– Showers with different water jets
– Body care (scrubs, massages and more)
– Relaxation Area: tea, infusions and more.

Custom-made furniture and furnishings for SPA

Essence Interiors also take care of the supply of the interior elements and furnishings of the SPA, for example: display cases, shelves, door, loungers,benches, sliding doors, whirlpool tubs, and much more. The spa will become an original and charming space where clients will find relaxation and peace of senses, a true haven of harmony in which to find refuge from the chaos of the city.

Essence Interiors makes custom-designed and high-quality furniture; in addition to always choosing the latest and qualitatively superior materials for comfort and durability, we offer the best aesthetic and functional solutions in the field of furnishing beauty centers and spas.

The custom-made furniture will be treated with special water-resistant paints, which garantees quality and durability, as well as high practicality for cleaning and keeping the hygienic level of the spa high.

The design of a spa is tailored for small, medium and new commercial realities:

– For hotels that want to offer an additional luxury service to their clients;
– For private individuals who want to integrate a small SPA in their villa;
– For those who have a beauty center and want to offer an additional beauty treatment service;
– For the architect looking for support in the realization of fine finishes made in Italy;
– For owner of wellness center and spas who want to renew the look of their business.



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The proper design of a wellness center

What should never be missing in a SPA

Good spa design and functionality is very important. For optimal success, it is necessary to think about many aspects: from the healthiness of the environment to attention to energy consumption.

In general, a short list of the important things often understimated in the design of a wellness center:

– Proper distribution of functions
– Technological systems
– Aesthetics, lighting and design
– Studied and functional therapeutic iter and path within the spa
– Organization of interior spaces
– Refreshment area/bar
– Avarage room and water temperature

With Essence Interiors, your general contractor specializing in the construction of wellness centers, beuty centers and spas, you can benefit from the experience of a complete, 360-degree team to realize your project you’ve always wanted. Book a no-obligation appointment through our form, or call us at 06.9256523.

Why design wellness centers and spas with Essence Interiors

Do you want to design wellness centers and spas that become true refuges of well being and relaxation? At Essence Interiors, our first meeting is dedicated to understanding your needs and visions. This initial phase is crucial to conceiving an environment that fully meets your clients wellness expectations, offering them a place of tranquility and regeneration. Our experience allows us to customize every aspect of your wellness center design, ensuring that each environment is optimazed to promote physical and mental well-being. Through thorough consultation, we strive to create a facility that seamlessly integrates with your operational needs while ensuring a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere.

With Essence Interiors, every stage of the design and implementation of your wellness center is handled with care and precision. From the conception of layouts to the selection of SPA furnishings and materials, our team ensures consistent quality control and scrupulous adherence to delivery schedules. Our integrated approach as an interior contractor allows for an overall vision that facilitates the realization of complex projects, solving any problems on site.

From soft lighting to aromatherapy, from the choice of soothing colors to natural materials, every elementi s designed to promote relaxation and regeneration. Whether it’s a terminal area, massage room, or yoga area, our goal is to create environments that promote alla round wellness.

The final step in designing successful wellness centers includes interior design and furniture selection, which is essential to transform your wellness centers includes interior design and furniture selection, which is essential to transform your wellness center into an oasis of relaxation and luxury. Our expertise in the wellness industry allows us to offer innovative solutions integrated with advanced technologies and designs that enhance every detail.

Find out how we can turn your vision into reality. Contact Essence Interiors today to get started on your wellness center project.

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    Why rely on Essence Interiors to design wellness centers and spas?

    Designing a wellness center or a spa is a complicated business and should not be taken lightly. Both interior and exterior design plays a very important role in the economic success of the business. The wellness center must respect the environment in which it is immersed, be welcoming to customers, usable and comfortable for the staff working there. For this reason, Essence Interiors designs and develops spas with knowledge using a team of professionals such as architects and designers capable of solving all possible problems, enhancing the wellness center making it unique.

    What are the important aspects to consider when designing a wellness center or a spa?

    The landscape, the climate and the surrounding nature are the most striking elements for an agritourism. Therefore, the furnishings and design must marry in all respects the environment that will host the agritourism. This becomes even more important ehn choosing furnishings (both interior and exterior). Therefore, fostering a balance with nature and the distinctiveness offered by the agritourism is the task of Essence Interiors, which can take over the creation of custom furniture and furnishings designed uniquely for your business.

    Is it possible to preview work in 3D with Essence Interiors?

    Yes, Essence Interiors makes avaible to all its clients the possibility to see through renderings the design proposal and to modify every single aspect of it thanks to 3D previews that can be discussed and modified together with the client. As well as it is possible to have a preview of the made to measure furniture proposed by our architects and designers. Together we realize your ideas.

    How can I request a quote?

    To request a quote, you must fill out the contact form indicating your budget and what type of wellness center you want to create. In the message include any questions of needs you have about your agritourism, so we can better understand your needs and create ad hoc quotes and plans.

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